Postoperative Complications

The majority of postoperative complications with hip ar-throscopy are similar to those seen with other arthroscopic procedures. While deep venous thrombosis is a potential complication of surgery to almost any extremity, it has not been reported to date. One case of reflex sympathetic dystrophy was also reported as a late complication.10

Some late postoperative complications appear to be unique to the hip. Byrd reported one case of myositis ossificans around a portal tract.3 Of more concern was a case reported by Sampson of avascular necrosis of the femoral head. The patient, who had fallen off a roof and had undergone routine hip arthroscopy with partial labrectomy and debridement for minor arthritis, presented 7 months later with avascular necrosis and subsequently underwent core decompression.13 How much the partial labrectomy and distraction of his hip during arthroscopy contributed to his condition is unclear; nonetheless, late-presenting avascular necrosis must be considered a theoretical risk of the procedure.

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