A 28-year-old man presented 5 years following closed treatment of a posterior wall fracture of the left ac-

Table 2.1. Indications

Loose bodies

Avascular necrosis

Labral lesions


Chondral injuries

Adhesive capsulitis

Ruptured ligamentum teres


Degenerative arthritis

Status post total hip arthroplasty

Synovial disease

Unresolved hip pain

Impinging osteophytes

Associated with open procedures

face wear was debrided with significant symptomatic improvement (Figure 2.2C). The bone fragments were found to be firmly fixed within the acetabular fossa and not involving the weight-bearing portion of the joint. Arthroscopy was beneficial with regard to the chon-droplasty and helped define the status of the bone fragments, avoiding the potential alternative consideration of a more extensive operative procedure such as arthro-tomy to address these fragments.

etabulum. He described progressively debilitating symptoms of mechanical groin and hip pain, worsened with activities. Radiographs revealed mild changes consistent with his old injury as well as apparent intraar-ticular bony fragments (Figure 2.2A); this was confirmed by double-contrast arthrography followed by CT scan (Figure 2.2B). At arthroscopy, grade III articular sur

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