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Man, what a big topic to try and condense and explain very simply. Well, here goes, this is the way I think of nature and our part in it.

The first thing to accept is that we are part of the Cycle of Nature. We are not above it. We are not superior to nature because we can walk on the moon or map DNA.

Your body is made up of the same minerals and chemicals found in soil and sea water. When we are created we get to use some of these basic elements to walk around in for a while and once we die they go back into the cycle of nature ready for the next creature/organism/plant.

It doesn't matter what you believe about the spirit or soul. We are still living each day that we are alive in bodies provided by nature and those bodies must follow the Laws that nature dictates or suffer the results.

The Sun was the originator of what we know as nature. The Sun is a gigantic continuos nuclear reaction which transforms one basic element, hydrogen, into all the other known elements of the universe.

Our very planet was once part of the Sun. Hot gases were thrown off and when they cooled the planets were formed. During this cooling process all the minerals and elements that make up the earth were formed, about 92 in all. This process of cooling and forming new elements and minerals is continuing right now deep within the Earth.

These newly formed minerals rise up and spread through the soil and dissolve in the ocean in the form of mineral salts.

Life started in the oceans. In mineral rich seawater and the heat of the volcanic ocean floor the first proteins were created. Millions and millions of years of evolution later and we have a world full of different forms of life.

We, as land dwelling animals, still carry our own sea around inside us. The fluid in every one of our bodies cells has nearly the exact mineral content of the sea from which we came. Like a mini-ocean inside us, amazing. And the body will maintain this mineral makeup of it's cells fluids at all cost. Even sucking minerals from our bones and organs if the right amounts are not provided by our diets. Another reason to eat a mineral and vitamin rich diet, not empty processed white flour and sugar.

We, as humans, have evolved as the most intelligent animal but we all started from the same place, the sea and before that from the Sun. Our bodies are created from the same minerals and elements as other life in nature. Our bodies still need an intake of the same minerals and elements to work right. We are not above nature, we are right smack in the middle of it, just like every other life-form on planet Earth.

On with the Cycle. Sea plants absorb the basic minerals of the sea. They concentrate them in the right balance needed by animals such as fish. Little fish eat the plants. Big fish eat the little fish. So we can get our mineral needs from seafood. Just a quick reminder from the section on seafoods. One of the main benefits of seafoods is their richness in mineral density. Land animals and plants can be mineral deficient from poor soil. Not so with sea plants and fish, they are surrounded by a endless mineral rich solution.

In the soil bacteria ingest minerals and transform them into a useable form for plants. Plants absorb these minerals and transform them into a useable form for animals. Animals eat the plants and transform the minerals into the flesh and bones of their body. Other animals get their minerals from eating the plant munching animals.

So we can get our minerals from edible plants (fruit is perfectly designed for us) or from animals. Our bodies are in constant need of new minerals and elements for repair, growth, chemical processes etc.

This means that by following the natural Laws of Nature we are rewarded with a body and mind that function as nature intended. Nothing really new about that. If you follow the laws of Mother-Nature (e.g. eat natural whole foods such fruit, vegetables, raw milk, meat from healthy animals, get plenty of fresh air, sunshine and vigorous physical activity etc.) you will be rewarded with a sleek, athletic, healthy body and a clear, well-balanced mind.

Food processing removes the minerals we need! We strip food to provide white flour and sugar. Should you decide to eat a mineral poor diet. A diet that has plenty of energy but very little nutrition because of these processed foods or is low in fat soluble vitamins well then my friend, you are breaking the laws of nature.

Should you decide to eat foods your system wasn't designed to handle. Foods like processed vegetable oils, hydrogenated fats, soy food or any of a never ending range of new fake foods. Or if you decide to smoke or inject tons of steroids or hard drugs well once again, you are breaking natures laws.

Should you decide not to keep your body active. That you would rather sit on your arse all day and the sofa all night. You don't have time to get fresh air or sunlight. That you don't like or need any exercise . . . . again you break natures laws.

"Who the hell is Nature to tell me what to do?", you yell. I'll tell you who;

Mother-Nature is a hard bitch!

Yep, she is one tough lady. She reminds me a little of the Spartan women. Before their son's and husbands set off to war they would be told to come back with their shields or on them. The Spartan dead were carried home on their shields. So in other words, come back victorious or dead.

I totally respect Mother-Nature. I admire her toughness. She set up this system of nature and life and she says, go for it. It's up to you. Follow my Laws or don't. She is fair but tough.

She can also be cruel. In nature it really is survival of the fittest. The strong dominate the weak. Not very politically correct but that's the way it is.

A lot of people think Mother-Nature rewards you with good health or punishes you with bad health. I don't think like that. I have a different theory about how Mother-Nature works.

Before I tell you how it goes, I just want to let you know this wasn't an original idea. An old lecturer told me about this once and it immediately made a big impact on me.

Strangely, a lot of other people in the same lecture didn't really take it in.

I've found the same when I explain it to others. It makes a big impact on roughly half of the people, but not to the other half. So you can choose to absorb it into your mental data-banks or skip it. It goes roughly like this;

Mother-nature doesn't give a shit!!!

If you do not follow the natural Laws of Nature then you'll suffer the consequences and she will not lose one damn minute of sleep. It's no big deal to Nature.

If you get arthritis or diabetes from eating the wrong way for 20 years then you'll live in pain and die. If you eat processed carbs like a pig then you'll become fat, live in pain and die early. But it doesn't matter to Mother-Nature.

You are one tiny living organism in this massive planet, don't think you can somehow cheat your fate. Each of us thinks we are special and individual (and rightly so) but to Mother-Nature we are not.

She doesn't care if we follow her laws or not, that's our choice, she just watches the end results.

You can have health or disease. You can have a lean body or be a slob. But don't think you can have both at the same time, because that's trying to fool her and it just doesn't work my friend.

Note: This is one of the reasons I hate hippies. Maybe I don't really hate them, but I certainly have no time for them. They live in a fantasy spiritual world that doesn't exist. They are trying to put us on some kind of higher level of existence. Above the hard reality of nature. Some of them go so far as to suggest we can live on light, wheatgrass and love (good luck).

We don't live in a Disney-like dream world. We live in a real world where there is a food chain and part of that food chain involves eating the creature below you. I'm totally against animal cruelty. I think animals should be treated with respect. But animals have to die to provide us food. That's a part of nature that our society is forgetting. Our hunter/gatherer ancestors lived as a part of the cycle of nature. They hunted animals and gave thanks for the life given up so they could live on.

Do you want to see a perfect example of the reality of nature and her cruelty in action. Watch a spider trap and eat a fly. Now, that poor fly has it tough. Just be glad we are pretty much at the top of the food-chain.

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