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Heralding A Year Of New Beginnings & Global Change.

For thousands of years, the cycles of nature and the heavens have been known to have a major effect on the balance, health and success of our lives. Since ancient times, the Chinese have applied this knowledge in their day to day lives, in choosing when to plan, to make decisions, to rest, to change, to work hard, and so on.

Chinese astrology is based on 12 specific influences, occurring over a 12 year cycle. Each is represented by the nature and qualities of a particular animal. Each year brings with it a specific atmosphere and inclination which will enhance or offer resistance to particular situations, activities, or ways of living. Each year will bring a more positive influence to some areas of the planet and more negative to others.

Last year was the Year of the Goat. The goat is very sensitive, if something unexpected happens to startle it, it runs very quickly. Most of the time it moves slowly and does not attack people. This means the goat is very "Yin", more feminine in its nature, receptive, gentle, and not prone to aggression. The events in Russia and vast changes which have happened in the world this past year are examples of the effects of the Goat. Also, the negative energy was stronger in the south last year, hence the Gulf War.

This year is will be very different. It will be "Yang" in nature, more masculine, active , outgoing. In the Chinese system Yin and Yang are always together to balance each other.

1992 is the Year of the Monkey. The monkey does not allow you to touch it, but will come forward to play with you. The monkey never stops. Usually they are full of energy, they have to act and jump around. They only rest when they are tired, only when they have used all their energy will they stop. So in the beginning, 1992 will be very active, creative and looking to the future. A lot of people will be looking towards new ideas, towards discovering their own way. The monkey means there is an atmosphere in the world to create, to effect the world, to make a difference.

This energy will effect everyone. It's like daytime and night time. In the day you catch the sun. In the night you catch the moon. So people like

Qi Magazine to go out in the day and to stay at home during the night. Last year was Yin, so it effected people like the night and people stayed in. This year is like the day. People will decide to plan and to make important and deep reaching changes.

A number of countries will be deciding to do something on their own, towards a new way for the future. They will fight for their beliefs and work for new beginnings. There should be no serious wars, but there will be a lot of fighting and argument. Also, because of the energy and the activities on the planet, one of the great western leaders will become ill.

By the end of the Monkey Year, thing will settle down, and there will be a short break, a rest of the antagonism. This is a year of sorting things out.

Most happenings this year will be in the West, because the negative energy will be stronger here. The more positive energy will be in the East and South, this will be good for their development and growth in the world. The north will be okay but many things will happen. Even with the forming of the European Community, much will be happening beneath the surface.

Chinese astrology tells you the atmosphere, it tells you the tendency or inclination, it tells you which parts of the world will be positively or negatively effected It does not attempt to exactly predict the future.

Carolyn Free-Pearce and Michael Tse

The human system is a wonderful world in itself. A universe of spectacular structures and interrelated systems. An art form of great beauty balance and subtlety.

It is possible to connect with a deeper intelligence than we are usually aware of in our individual universe. Many different aspects of our lives rule our consciousness from moment to moment. When we practice qigong it is possible to let go of those aspects that crowd our days and free our system to work with a deeper harmony. This experience in turn can reflect in our day to day patterns, and bring to them a new simplicity and harmony.

The practice can release old patterns and habits and bring to our lives the freshness of seeing and experiencing life in a new way, without our thinking about it. By learning to relax in the movements , allowing the dynamics of our system to flow with the minimum of physical effort, a grace and balance grows, and with it a connection and release of finer forms of energy which cleanse and revitalise the system.

Penny Ramsden

Dayan Qigong
Qi Magazine

For reference, the names of the postures in Dayan Qigong are listed:


1) Starting position

2) Spread wings

3) Close wings

4) Draw wings to the back

5) Jerk arms


12) Twine hands

13) Recover Qi

14) Pull left toes

15) Push Qi

16) Scoop up Qi LESSON 5

22) Cloud hands

23) Brush waist

24) Drop arms to recover Qi


29) Prop up

30) Recover Qi

31) Scoop the moon

32) Turn body


6) Draw wings to the back

7) Jerk arms

8) Lift up

9) Interlink fingers

10) Turn up palms

11) Bend waist LESSON 4

17) Turn body & recover Qi

18) Pull right toes

19) Scoop up Qi 21) Twine hands


25) Spread single wing

26) Step forward & extend arm

27) Wind hand around head & ears

28) Press downwards LESSON 8

33) Step forward & look at palm

34) Look up to the moon 35) Press Qi

36) Turn body & press Qi

Qi Magazine


37) Swim forward

38) Look down at water

39) Pat water & fly away 43) Grasp Qi LESSON 11

45) Hold the ball

46) Rotate the ball

47) Turn body & rotate the ball


53) Fly up to the side

54) Turn body

55) Fly upward LESSON 15

59) Look for food

60) Turn body

63) Sleep peacefully & recover Qi


40) Drink water

41) Gaze at the sky

42) Recover Qi

44) Turn palm & gather up Qi LESSON 12

48) Hold Qi

49) Pass through Qi

50) Raise arms

51) Drop wings

52) Flap wings to the back LESSON 14

56) Skim over water

57) Turn body

58) Fly upward LESSON 16

61) Look for the nest

62) Turn body & swim 64) Closing position

Qi Magazine


6. Draw Wings to the Back.

As before.

As before.

8. Lift Up i Bring the hands up level with the face.

ii Palms face the Sky Eye.

The Laogong points face the Sky Eye, so stimulating it. When the Sky Eye 'opens' you may be able to see the qi.

9. Interlink Hands.

i Inter link the fingers over the top of the head

In this position the Laogong points face the Baihui point. Connecting these points smooths the Du and Chong Channels. This posture is also good for relieving headaches.

Qi Magazine

10. Turn Up Palms.

i Keeping the fingers linked, turn the palms to face upwards.

ii Push the hands up, until the arms are fully stretched.

When you stretch the arms up you will raise the Qi to stimulate the spine.

11. Bend the Waist.

i Bend from the waist, until your palms face the down.

ii Again from the waist, slightly lift the body and gently push down first to the left, and then to the right.

iii Directly move back to the centre.

These movements start at the waist, because of this they are very good exercises for the lower back and the kidneys.

Qi Magazine

Qi Magazine

Why do we get ill? Why don't we live to 100 or 150 years old? The answers to these questions may lead us to a very healthy existence.

Chinese medicine attempts to answer these questions in terms of Qi (vital energy). Qi is the energy which sustains us. If you don't maintain your qi then maybe you will become tired and ill. For example, when you finish work. You go home, you might watch T.V, read a book, or even go to the pub and have a drink. Afterwards you feel tired, even though you've been relaxing. Why? You feel tired because you have been using your energy, even reading a book uses energy! When your energy is low you will start to feel weak and tired. In this condition you will easily become ill.

If you don't consider your energy or qi then by the time you are middle aged you will find yourself really getting 'old'!

What then is qi (pronounced 'chee')? Qi is the energy that flows inside the body. It maintains the internal organs, body temperature and protects and lubricates the blood vessels. The Qi flows along the 'meridians', or 'acupuncture channels'. These channels connect the acupuncture points found on the body. The Chinese character for qi can also be translated to mean 'air\ Thus the main element life is air! If you breath in the fresh air in the proper manner you can maintain your qi to support your life.

Qigong translated means 'energy skill exercise'. It consists of movement and meditation. Moving the body you can help the qi to flow, and by keeping still you can gather qi. Thus the method follows the principal of yin and yang to develop the qi.

Qigong therapy is practised by a qigong master who transmit his qi. The qigong master uses his energy to strengthen the patients internal organs, open the acupuncture points and channels,eliminate negative qi, to ease the patients pain and bring him to balance. After treatment the patients qi should be strong enough to resist his illness. Many hospitals in China provide qigong treatment and it has cured many illnesses.even serious cases which have failed to respond to conventional methods. Qigong is very popular in China and is practised by millions of people, and is growing more popular in the west.

Michael Tse is a qigong master. He studied qigong for seventeen years

Qi Magazine with one of China's most famous qigong masters, 98 year old Yang Mei Jun.

Since arriving in this country four years ago, he has given lectures, seminars and qigong treatments throughout this country and Europe in Sweden, Switzerland, Germany, Austria and also America.

Featured in many articles, he has appeared on Mirriam Stoppard's 'Health and Beauty Show' on two occasions, and also on a number of local and national radio stations.

Michael's teachings include Qigong forms, meditation, the principles of Chinese medicine (five elements), the I Ching and Fung Shui.

Acupuncturists, Osteopaths, Physiotherapists, Alexander method teachers, along with a whole range of conventional and complementary health practitioners attest to Michael's skill.

Michael now holds clinics in London's Harley Street and Manchester's St Johns Street. At these clinics he offers qigong treatment and therapy. Having treated his patients he teaches them qigong methods so they can help themselves.

Michael says 1 True healing can only occur if the therapist and patient co-operate and work together, but at the end of the day you are the best doctor'.

Clinics are held in London at Harley Street and also in Manchester at St John Street.

Michael Tse

Qi Magazine

The 18 movements ot Taiji Qigong are a very popular set of gentle exercises designed tobuild up ones energy (Qi) and promote good health:

7. Lifting the Ball i Asthma, breathing.

ii Blood pressure iii Shoulder ache

8. Looking at the Moon i Weight loss.

ii Stomach ache.

iii Spine, backache.

9. Pushing Palms.

i Arthritis.

ii Knees.

iii Stomach ache.

Qi Magazine

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