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Vata-types, those in whom the biological air-humor predominates are usually tall or short, seldom average in height. They are often thin, bony, with muscles not well developed and have prominent veins. The skin is dry, cracked, rough, usually brown or dusky in complexion. The teeth are not always well formed. They may be crooked or have spaces between. The digestion is variable. The appetite may be great at sometimes, totally absent at others. Air types often do not realize they are hungry until they are starving. They must often eat every two or three hours to keep themselves grounded. They frequently suffer from constipation, abdominal distention and gas.

Their urine is scanty and they seldom perspire much. They are light sleepers and often suffer from insomnia. Once disturbed do not fall back into sleep easily. They may have restless dreams and nightmares, particularly the fearful type. They are sensitive to cold, wind and dryness. In short, they are dominated and agitated by Saturnian influences.

Air-types are physically active and energetic. They enjoy speed and like running, flying and skiing. Yet they tire easily and lack stamina. They are often athletic, particularly in youth, but lack the physique and endurance for strong exercise. They easily get muscle spasms or stiffness and commonly develop arthritis (Saturn's influence on the bones and muscles). They suffer quickly from overwork exercise and tend to overextend themselves. They are the weakest type physically and often suffer from chronic diseases and nervous disorders (the influence of Saturn and Rahu).

Mentally, they are quick and agile and are often talkative. They are often commonly highly intellectual and can understand many different points of view (as their Mercury is often strong). Sometimes they are superficial in their ideas and talk on mechanically. Their will is usually indecisive. While they may be knowledgeable of many different opinions, they often cannot determine which is right and waver in their views.

Air types are often good school teachers, computer programmers and excel at working with the mass media. They are good at thinking, writing and organizing data (mercurial occupations). They make good musicians but may be oversensitive to sound.

They can be highly socially oriented and like to mix with others (particularly when Mercury is stronger). Yet when the air element is too high (Saturn and Rahu), they become loners. This is often because they have too much to say and don't know how to relate it, not because they are really of a solitary nature. Air types suffer most from fear. They may be afflicted by anxiety, depression or ungroundedness and usually lack stability. They easily get spaced out and may be absent minded. Their memory is often short term or erratic. They are not entirely present in their bodies and may be a bit clumsy (such influence are largely due to their susceptibility to Rahu, the north node of the Moon). Yet when well developed they possess the greatest agility of body and mind. Air types need to be nurtured and should be approached with sensitivity. The rule is to treat them like a flower. They easily feel frightened and are prone to withdraw, if approached forcefully.


Pitta-types, those in whom the biological fire-humor predominates, are usually of average height or build. They have well developed muscles and good skin color, which may be flushed or red. Their skin is prone to acne, rashes and other such inflammatory skin disorders, and is usually oily. Their eyes are red, they are sensitive to the sunlight and often have to wear glasses. Their hair is thin, and they tend towards early greying or balding. The hair color is often red or blond. Their gums tend to be soft and may bleed easily. They are sensitive to heat and prefer all things which are cooling.

Fiery types usually posses an appetite that is good, sharp or excessive. Their discharges; feces, urine or mucus, tend to be of yellow color and tend to be large in quantity. They possess an excess of bile which often colors these discharges. They more commonly have loose stool or diarrhea. They sweat easily and their sweat and other discharges may be malodorous. They often bruise easily and bleed more easily than the other types. Their sleep is moderate in duration but not always good. They have many dreams, which may be violent or disturbing. In short, their nature is dominated by Mars.

Fire-types are prone to anger and may be aggressive or domineering. They have a strong will and can be overly impulsive or self-willed in their actions (owing to strong Sun and Mars influences). They like to be leaders but can be fanatic or insensitive. They like the use of force and may be prone towards argument or violence. They like color, drama and passion. They may be orators, singers, painters or dancers.

Fire-types are often very intelligent, perceptive and discriminating. They make good scientists and often have a good understanding of mechanics and mathematics. Often they like to work with tools, weapons or chemistry. They have probing minds, good at research and invention. They may be good psychologists. They may have the deep insight that goes with Ketu, the south node of the Moon.

Most military persons or policemen are fire-types, as Mars for them is a strong planet for all aspects of their nature. They are good at law and punishment. Most lawyers are of this type, including most politicians. Yet fire-types may lack compassion and have a hard time seeing another's point of view. Fire-types must be approached with tact and sensitivity, as they don't like to be given directions or told what to do. One must appeal to their native intelligence, discrimination and logic. Opposing them will only encourage their basic aggression and will not help them learn. They like to work in friendship or in common alliance towards a particular goal. It is by the commonality of goal that we can guide them.


Kapha-types, those in whom the biological water-humor predominates, are usually short and stocky. Sometimes they are tall but they always possess a large frame. Their skin is thick and flesh well developed. They tend towards corpulence or obesity. They will hold excess weight and water unless they work hard to prevent it. They possess well developed chests. Their eyes are large, white and attractive, with large lashes. Their hair is abundant and thick. Their teeth are large, white and attractive. They sleep easily, often excessively and may be lazy. They suffer from cold and dampness but possess strong endurance. Water-types tend to accumulate phlegm and suffer most from bronchial and pulmonary disorders. They also accumulate water and suffer from edema and weak kidneys. They are most prone to overweight. This is from the influence of the Moon or Jupiter which rules them.

Water-types may be very emotional. They have much love, devotion and loyalty (the Moon and Venus). Yet they also possess much desire, attachment and may be greedy (Venus and lower Jupiterian influences). They are romantic, sentimental, perhaps even mushy in their emotions. They may cry easily and superficially. They are possessive and often attached.

Water-types are conservative and are often traditional or conventional in their behavior and beliefs. They like to belong and seldom rebel. They are largely contented and like to accept things as they are. They are stable but sometimes stagnate. They do not like to change and find it difficult to even when they want to. They are friendly, particularly with people they know, and hold closely to their families. Yet they have difficulties relating to strangers or foreigners. While they do not like to hurt others, they are often insensitive to the needs of others. They do not take hints. Often they have to be confronted or criticized but they do not usually react with anger but more often respond in a helpful manner.

Mentally, they are slower than the other types but what they learn is retained. Much repetition is needed for them in the learning process. They are not often creative or inventive but they do carry things out and make them practical. They are better at finishing ideas than at developing them. They like to bring things into form and create institutions and establishments.

Water-types are usually good parents and providers. In women they are good mothers and wives, again owing to the lunar influence upon them. They are good at cooking, baking and homemaking. The men may be chefs or work in restaurants. With their large chests, good lungs and good voices, they make good singers. They like to accumulate wealth and hold firmly to what they get. They excel at real estate and make good bankers.

Water-types must be approached firmly, as they respond slowly. Often they need to be shocked into taking action. They must be approached with force, determination and consistency.

We should note that astrology is not quite as general as this as it has not just three types but nine types relative to the influences of the nine planets. Its delineation of character and body types through the planets is more specific.

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