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Musculoskeletal symptoms are common in HIV-infected individuals, especially considering the younger age of his group. Joints are affected in various forms of oligo or polyarticular arthritides and arthralgias. In individuals coinfected with hepatitis C, approximately one-third experience arthritis or arthralgia,45 psoriatic arthritis is seen more commonly in the context of HIV infection as is Reiter's syndrome. Avascular necrosis of the hip is an unusual but disabling complication of HIV disease.46[V] Septic complications was the most frequent reason for referral of HIV patients to a rheumatology clinic. These included septic arthritis, cellulites, osteomyelitis, vertebral discitis, and pyomyositis. Fibromyalgia is seen frequently in HIV, with incidence up to 10 percent in certain series.47 [V] HIV infection may be associated with myopathies as a result of HIV itself, drugs such as zidovudine, HIV wasting syndrome, and opportunistic infections or malignant infiltrations.48

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