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Alcohol Free Forever

This powerful guide walks you step-by-step through exactly what you need to do to free yourself from your alcohol addiction without going through AA meetings or expensive sessions. There are three main types of relaxation techniques you can practice when you feel upset and stressed. If you practice regularly, they will become part of your lifestyle and you may find yourself habitually more relaxed as a result. Part 2 will exercise Neuro Linguistic Programming to release thoughts and a technique of progressive muscle relaxation also negative situations. Because of the mind body connection, exercises to relax the body will also flow through the mind. Much of the stress we feel is because of our resistance to certain feelings or emotions. Alcohol Free Forever is a lifesaver ebook. This guide was extremely eye-opening and the daily emails make it extremely easy to quit and to establish a routine that did not involve alcohol. Continue reading...

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Highly Recommended

The writer has done a thorough research even about the obscure and minor details related to the subject area. And also facts weren’t just dumped, but presented in an interesting manner.

Purchasing this e-book was one of the best decisions I have made, since it is worth every penny I invested on it. I highly recommend this to everyone out there.

How to Beat Addiction and Quit Alcoholism Easily

How to beat addiction and quit alcoholism is a collection of 6 eBooks that are all specifically crafted to help people leave addiction and alcoholism. These books were put down by a group of former alcoholics and addicts and hence you can trust them to help you along the way. The three authors that were involved are: Wendy Wilken, Martin Gouws and Stephen Steenkamp. They have all fought a war of alcoholism and addiction successfully and that's why they thought they should help you along the way. The books also come with various bonuses upon purchase. This means that if you purchase any of the books, you will get a special bonus. To successfully quit alcohol and beat addiction, you have to make use of all the books combined. Each of them introduces you to a certain perspective of addiction and alcoholism and hence all of them should be combined to come up with a significant outcome. The book is perfectly fit for alcoholics and drug addicts of all ages, race, social status and levels of addiction. Continue reading...

How to Beat Addiction and Quit Alcoholism Easily Summary

Contents: Ebooks
Author: Wendy Wilken
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How To Control Alcohol by Seb Grant

How To Control Alcohol is a step-by-step course to help you to quit alcohol. Seb Grant (the author of this book) had gone back to alcohol over and over again after telling himself he would stop drinking. After these years of struggles, he is now enjoying a clean life with complete control. More happy, more confident, and feels great and new. He has dedicated his life to show people how to take control of their life. You may have heard that heavy alcoholics can actually die from attempting to quit, it may be true. It is common knowledge that as you drink alcohol (especially excessively), you get to lose your health, energy, friends, jobs and even yourself. Seb Grant offers a solution without declaring yourself a hopeless addict, without a lifetime struggle using limited willpower and the likes. It is not a religions or 12 steps or counseling. There is no need to give in to God or any higher power; it is a natural and easy way out of drinking problem. This is a digital product, and it would be sent to you as soon as you pay for it. Continue reading...

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How To Give Up Alcohol Course

This new ebook is called How to Give Up Alcohol and it shows you how to control or even Quit drinking. and it gives you the action steps you can use right now. Now you can stop dealing with headaches, nausea and the painful embarrassment that comes from excessive drinking. Not only that, but you can also stop the potentially irreversible health damage to your liver and brain caused by heavy drinking. Best of all, you can do all of this in the privacy of your own home, without the need to go to AA or to spend thousands on counseling! In fact, you can learn this stuff in just one day. and it will help you improve your life almost immediately. Your relationships will improve, your health will improve, your career will improve, and your finances will improve because you're no longer spending so much money on booze. Here's Just a Small Sample of What You'll Learn. Discover the Most Critical thing you Have to do if you want to stop drinking and take control of your life. Ignore this one thing and you'll be a slave Continue reading...

How To Give Up Alcohol Course Summary

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Author: Rahul Nag
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Nutrition and the Mind Introduction

It is estimated by the National Institute of Mental Health that more than 40 million Americans are affected by any one of a number of mental and emotional conditions that adversely affect the quality of their lives. These include depression, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, dementia, and autism, as well as other conditions, which, while they may not fall strictly under the rubric of mental illness, have a mental component, e.g., fatigue, insomnia, learning disabilities, attention deficit disorder, eating disorders, PMS, alcoholism, and aggressive behavior. When you consider that probably an additional 50 million people suffer from intermittent bouts of any number of these conditions, then you can see that close to one third of the entire American population is personally grappling with mental health concerns. Yet despite the extent of mental disorders, the American medical establishment has paid little attention to causes, as opposed to symptomatic relief. Take alcoholism, for...

Pancreatic Panniculitis


Most cases of pancreatic panniculitis occur in association with acute and chronic pancreatitis, and pancreatic adenocarcinoma. Most of the pancreatitis-associated cases are due to chronic alcoholism, but some are due to cholecystitis with biliary tract obstruction and trauma. Malignancy-induced pancreatic panniculitis is almost always due to acinar cell carcinoma. Although this tumor accounts for fewer than 5 of pancreatic malignant neoplasms, it produces large quantities of lipase and other digestive enzymes, likely accounting for the

Pregnancy Category X

An experiment found that eating licorice reduces testosterone levels in men, enough that the candy may contribute to problems of male sexual function. Adolescent hamsters that drink alcohol show elevated testosterone levels, and a human study showed high levels among some alcoholics. Testosterone impairs blood clotting, which may dangerously boost actions from medicines given to reduce blood clots.

Alternative Health As Process

For other informants self-control has more to do with controlling smoking, drinking, and other conduct they now perceive as bad habits. For instance, Marie, Greg, and Randal all told me of behaviours they engaged in that they now see as unhealthy under their alternative model of health. According to Marie, I still smoke. I used to smoke a pack, a pack and a half a day I smoke maybe six or seven cigarettes a day now. I used to be a very heavy drinker. I gave that up. Similarly, Greg told me,

Historical perspective

The Arabians, Chinese and Indians, from as early as 2500 BC, are known to have exploited gold for medicinal purposes.21,22 In the first century, Pliny of Greece prescribed gold to cure warts. In medieval Europe, alchemists had numerous recipes for an elixir known as aurum potabile. This mixture was, in general, an alcoholic solution that contained various herb extracts and essential oils, along with gold, as a powder or as small flakes. In the seventeenth century, Nicholas Culpepper used gold for the treatment of ailments caused by a decrease in the 'vital spirits', such as melancholy, fainting and fever. Later in the nineteenth century, Chrestien prescribed the double chloride of gold and sodium, Na AuCl4 , for the treatment of syphilis, and at the end of the century, Na AuCl4 was prescribed to cure chronic alcoholism.23 It was in 1890 that the German bacteriologist Robert Koch discovered the bactericidal properties of gold cyanide.24 It might be argued that this event marked the...

Vascularity Related Osteoporosis

Rsd Radiographs

Fig. 14.8A, B Avascular osteonecrosis in alcoholics. A Anteroposterior radiograph of the left hip in a 36-year-old man with chronic alcoholism shows admixture of irregular bony condensation and lucency, deformity (curved arrow), and marked flattening of the head (open arrows). The hip joint is narrowed and the acetabular fossa deepened due to advanced secondary osteoarthritis. B Anterior pinhole scintigraph reveals intense tracer uptake in the femoral neck and narrowed joint with markedly collapsed head (open arrow) Fig. 14.8A, B Avascular osteonecrosis in alcoholics. A Anteroposterior radiograph of the left hip in a 36-year-old man with chronic alcoholism shows admixture of irregular bony condensation and lucency, deformity (curved arrow), and marked flattening of the head (open arrows). The hip joint is narrowed and the acetabular fossa deepened due to advanced secondary osteoarthritis. B Anterior pinhole scintigraph reveals intense tracer uptake in the femoral neck and narrowed...

Static Biochemical Tests

Various confounding factors affect static biochemical tests. Some are of a general kind, such as age, sex, ethnic group, physiological and hormonal status, seasonality, elevation, and thus cannot be eliminated others are of a technical nature and can be reduced or eliminated by standardization and others are biological or environmental (e.g., alcohol intake, smoking habits, and use of medicines). The most relevant confounding factors are considered for Vitamin A (retinol) status can be assessed in the liver and plasma serum. The best method is determination in the liver, but hepatic biopsy is very invasive and unsuitable in population studies. Plasma retinol is usually measured by HPLC after separation from its carrier (RBP), but its marginal values do not always reflect status because of homeostatic control and confounding effects (e.g., protein-energy malnutrition, infection, parasitic diseases, zinc deficiency, liver disorders, and chronic alcoholism). In the case of inflammation,...

5 How much milk do you drink

But nowadays the milk we buy is hardly fit for human consumption. It is peppered with toxic chemicals, such as DDT, pesticides and other herbicides found on the grass that the cows consume. It also contains excessive antibiotics, notably penicillin and Aureomycin, used to prevent mastitis in the udder a heavy milk drinker can literally build up a reaction to pencillin. Furthermore, pasteurization of the milk destroys the nutritional value boiling the liquid kills both the harmful and beneficial bacteria as well as changes the chemical structure of the protein, making the milk nearly indigestible.

Non Opioid Analgesics

Particular caution is required in the administration of these agents to patients at increased risk of adverse effects, including the elderly and those with blood clotting disorders, predilection to peptic ulceration. impaired renal function and concurrent corticosteroid therapy 51-55 . Of the NSAIDs, the drugs that are relatively selective cyclo-oxygenase-2 inhibitors (e.g. nabumetone, nemuselide and melox-icam) and those that are non-acetylated salicylates (choline magnesium trisalicylate and salsalate) are preferred in patients who have a predilection to peptic ulceration or bleeding these drugs have less effect on platelet aggregation and no effect on bleeding time at the usual clinical doses. The development of NSAIDs that are fully selective cyclo-oxygenase-2 inhibitors may provide additional agents with favourable safety profiles that may be preferred in the treatment of the medically frail. Acetaminophen rarely produces gastrointestinal...


Individual characteristics Different types of arthritis are more likely to affect people with certain characteristics at particular stages of their life. For example, gout most commonly affects middle-aged men who are overweight and drink alcohol and elderly women who are on treatment for high blood pressure or heart failure. Connective tissue diseases like Systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) largely affect young women, and rheumatoid arthritis usually starts between the ages of 40 and 60 years.


The physiological characteristics of alcohol (etha-nol) allow it to interfere with the functions of immune cells. Alcohol is able to completely mix with water and, to some degree, is fat soluble. It crosses membranes by diffusion across a concentration gradient, going from high to low concentrations. Historically, alcohol has been associated with lower host resistance and increased infectious diseases. For example, alcoholism has been closely associated with lung abscesses, bacteria being found in the blood, abdomen infection, and tuberculosis. Although these infections might be a result of malnutrition or poor living conditions, prolonged consumption of alcohol also results in alterations of immune responses, seriously impairing the body's normal host defense not only to invading microbes but also to its defense against cancer cells. These disruptions are the combined result of direct toxic effects on the immune system and indirect effects such as malnutrition, oxidative stress,...

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