Thought I heard that it is better to live in a warmer climate to prevent osteoporosis Is that true

Warm weather would not prevent osteoporosis. There would be no mechanism for it to do that. In fact, the rates of hip fractures are higher among southern states in the United States, probably due to the higher percentage of older individuals living in those areas. However, there are some advantages to warmer climates when it comes to preventing and treating osteoporosis.

For example, a warmer climate usually means being outside more. Although you are likely to get more exposure to sunshine (Question 52), the amount of sun exposure needed to provide enough vitamin D is too variable to count on for your daily dose of Vitamin D. Additionally, most clinicians recommend regular use of sun block. So, use sun block regularly and take a Vitamin D supplement daily.

Warmer climates make it easier for you to exercise outdoors. You are much more likely to walk outside when the weather is warmer year-round. This would give you incentive to get at least 30 minutes of exercise daily. Exercise, as you know by now, is critical to keeping your bones strong. Sometimes, cold weather can make chronic conditions, such as arthritis, feel worse. Increased pain may prevent you from getting your necessary exercise (see Question 96).

If you don't have snow and ice to worry about, you're much less likely to fall, at least outside during the winter. That's certainly a big relief for people who have watched their every step in slippery conditions!

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