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Few primary sources are available, so secondary sources have been used where necessary in order to provide a more complete description of the evidence available. rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis

Arthritis is a significant problem in both humans and animals. In dogs, the most common form of joint disease is OA, which has been successfully treated by green-lipped mussel powder in one double-blind randomised study (Bierer & Bui 2002). Active treatment was shown significantly to improve total arthritic score, and alleviate joint pain and swelling at the end of week six compared with controls. More specifically, 83% of dogs in the active treatment group experienced a 30% or greater reduction in total arthritic scores and of these, 18% showed a 70% or greater improvement. Only 7% of controls showed a 30% or greater improvement with no dogs showing a 50% or greater improvement. The doses of green-lipped mussel powder ranged from 450 mg to 1000 mg/day, depending on body weight.

Clinical testing in humans has produced inconsistent results. One randomised clinical trial using Seatone in 35 patients with RA found no significant difference in chemical or clinical parameters compared with placebo, after 6 months' use (Larkin et al 1985). However, another study found that both freeze-dried powder and lipid extract of green-lipped mussel were effective in reducing symptoms in OA and RA (Gibson & Gibson 1998). Unfortunately, further details of this second study are not available. A more recent study, also conducted over 6 months, but this time comparing Lyprinol with placebo, found an improvement in mainly subjective measurements for OA; however, the results overall were still inconclusive (Lau et al 2004).


Forty-six asthmatics received either two capsules Lyprinol or placebo daily over 8 weeks under double-blind randomised test conditions (Emelyanov et al 2002). Active treatment resulted in a significant improvement on several parameters such as daytime wheeze, reduced concentration of exhaled H202 and an increase in morning PEF, compared with placebo.

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