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The product Phytodolor contains alcoholic extracts of Populus tremula, Fraximus excelsior and Solidago virgaurea and is standardised to 0.14 mg/mL of isofraxidine, 1 mg/mL salicine, and 0.07 mg/mL of total flavonoids. As part of this combination, goldenrod has been investigated in patients with RA, osteoarthritis and back pain. Pain was significantly reduced by treatment with Phytodolor in a placebo-controlled study of 47 patients (Weiner & Ernst 2004). Symptom relief was equally effective amongst patients receiving half strength, normal (60 drops three times daily) or double-strength treatment. A shorter placebo-controlled study of 2 weeks duration found that Phytodolor reduced the need for conventional drug doses in subjects with 'at least one rheumatological diagnosis' (Weiner & Ernst 2004). Similarly, Phytodolor reduced requirements of diclofenac compared to placebo in a smaller study of 30 patients (Weiner & Ernst 2004). A 2-week placebo-controlled study of 30 subjects with osteoarthritis demonstrated that treatment with Phytodolor significantly reduced pain and improved grip strength (Weiner & Ernst 2004). The role of goldenrod in achieving these results is unclear.

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