The completion rate for the 14,155 people (age 16-45 years) questioned in the first stage of the survey was 89%.

The demographic distribution of Saglawia population according to the information available at the department of statistics, food ration distribution centre of the area is shown in Table 1. There were 372 individuals (209 males, 163 females) with mouth ulcers out of 12,617 people interviewed (2.9%).

Table I. Demographic distribution of Saglawia population

Total population

35,125 inhabitants

Age distribution


0-15 year-old


16-45 year-old

40.3% (14,155 individuals)

>45 year-old


Sex distribution





On examination during stage 2 of the survey only six patients (4 males, 2 females) fulfilled ISGC for diagnosis of BD.

So the estimated prevalence for 10,000 inhabitants was 1.7 as shown in Fig.l (in comparison to different countries).

The clinical features of six patients with BD are mouth ulcers in 6 (100%), genital ulcers in 5 (83.3%), skin lesions in 3 (50%), eye lesions in 2/5 (40%), arthritis in 2 (33.3%), headache (migraneous) in one (16.6%), gastro-intestinal involvement in one (16.6%), and pathergy test was positive in 5 patients (83.3%). The mean age of patients at onset was 24.16±6.99 years and at presentation was 33.16±5.7 years. The mean duration of disease was 9±5.17 years (range 3-15 years).

Figure 1. The prevalence of BD among different countries in comparison to Iraq

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