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I wasn't looking to change my life. I wasn't looking to study Qigong, but I did and it changed my life. I didn't even want my life to change but it did.

I like to drink. I've always liked to drink. I like to drink beer, wine, and hard liquor. I started drinking when I was in high school. Even then I would have a couple of shots of liquor every day before going to school. I like to drink a lot.

I also love hot, spicy food, the hotter the better. I'm Korean, born in Seoul and grew-up in south Texas. So, I love hot food. I also love salty food. I'd salt everything. I had a girlfriend once who tried to get me to use this light salt. I went out and bought her real salt. I couldn't eat that other stuff.

I loved to eat and loved to drink. For me it wasn't uncommon to get together with my friend Marshall and spend the day barbecuing and drinking. We'd barbecue like a brisket and chicken and something else and start with a 12-pack of beer on ice and then go out for more beer. We'd eat and drink all day and all night. That was common. I never thought it was a problem then but I was an alcoholic. There were a lot of times I can remember blacking out and not knowing what happened. Nothing bad ever happened but I was an alcoholic.

I also used to have a short fuse with people, especially on the road. In Houston, traffic's bad and people are always cutting you off on the road. Everyday, it happens. I'm the kind of guy that wouldn't just let that go. If some one cut me off I'd curse them and call them names or tailgate 'em and made sure they knew about it. One time, my friend Marshall was following me and saw a guy cut me off and he pulled up in front of me because he knew what I was like and he didn't want anything to happen.

Once I started doing the Qigong all that started to change. I wasn't looking for it. I didn't even want it to change but it did. I hadn't even planned to learn the Qigong.

I took a double major in college and have degrees in chemistry and philosophy. After college I decided I wanted to go into the health field but I knew I didn't want to become a western doctor.

When I was little I went to see an Herbalist/Acupuncturist who really helped me a lot with my severe asthma. So I was already familiar with it and decided to go back to school and study oriental medicine.

One of the courses the college requires is in Qigong. I started taking the class and then some friends told me about Master Chunyi Lin and Spring Forest Qigong and I decided to go to Minneapolis and take one of his classes.

Almost immediately, within a few months, things started to change. One day I had about nine beers on an empty stomach and a couple of shots of whiskey while watching a movie over the course of about three hours and I got sick. For normal people everyone would say that sound's normal. Drink that much on an empty stomach and you get sick. But, for me, that wasn't normal.

When the friend I was with called my friend Marshall and told him what happened, Marshall said something's wrong there. Either he drank a lot more than you think or something's wrong because Ho Jun can drink a lot more than that and he never gets sick. And Marshall's been my friend since high school when I'd drink every day. And, then in college, I was in fraternities and stuff and I would power drink.

Then, a couple months later, Marshall and I went to a Super Bowl party and I had like five beers and was eating food and I got sick. That's when he and I both knew something was definitely, definitely wrong.

And, after that incident, I just couldn't drink. I would drink maybe one beer and I would feel sick. And, I really do like to have wine with my dinner or a couple beers and I can't do that anymore. That's the biggest change. But, everything has changed.

Everything that I used to do to excess, eat meat, eat hot food, use lots of salt, I can't do anymore. Now I don't salt anything and I can't eat hot foods either or meat. I can eat a little bit but there's just no desire for that stuff anymore. My body just won't accept it. All the vegetables and things I used to hate, now, let me tell you, vegetables taste really good and I eat lots of vegetables.

The way I react to things has changed, too. Over time it's all changed. Looking back on it I realize it's been a progression. At first, I'd be driving along and somebody would cut me off and I would still call them a name but I wouldn't make as big a deal about it. Then, as time went on, someone would cut me off and instead of shouting at them I'd say "Well, maybe they didn't see me," when I knew they did. Then, it became, "Well, I hope they don't get in an accident." And, then, instead of getting upset, I'd send them a blessing and say to myself, "I hope they get where they're going safely."

So, over time, studying the Qigong, I've gone from getting totally irate to now I'm shooting them some good energy and love, kindness and forgiveness and wishing them well. I'm just much calmer now.

Those are just some of the obvious things that have happened and started happening almost immediately. Now, it's been over two years and my whole personality has changed. My whole life has changed.

I've come from alcoholism to, like Master Lin says, self-enlightenment. And, don't get me wrong, I'm not saying I'm self-enlightened, but I know I am a much better person now. And, I wasn't looking to do this.

I was not looking for self-enlightenment. I was not looking to change my character. I was not looking to quit drinking. I was not looking to quit eating fatty foods. I was not looking for any of that. All of that was just kind of thrust upon me by doing the Qigong. The more Qigong I did the more I changed.

What I know now is that by doing the Qigong, once you start doing this, you just naturally have to become a better person. You just can't do Qigong healing on people with a bad heart or thinking bad thoughts. It just doesn't work. The Qigong won't work.

Because of that as I started doing more and more Qigong I just became a better and better person. It just came as kind of a by-product. Now, I think it's great. I love it. I think everyone should do Qigong.

It's like Master Chunyi Lin says Level One Spring Forest Qigong is kind of like self-help, Level Two is about helping others to heal, Level Three is about self-enlightenment, and Level Four is about enlightening others. And, it takes time. It happens over time and over time it just clicks and keeps clicking.

I have a better understanding now of how everyone is special. I realize that I am special and so is every other person and we should all be treated with the same love and respect. It's like the old saying, the Golden Rule, "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you." That's just the way it is.

I've incorporated the Qigong into my acupuncture and I've used just the Spring Forest Qigong to help lots of people. And it works. I've helped people with all kinds of things. I've helped my friend Marshall's mother with arthritis. It works really well with everything from simple aches and pains, to irritable bowel syndrome and lumps and all kinds of things. It has worked on virtually everyone I've ever used it with.

The Qigong I learned at school is kind of like Level One Spring Forest Qigong but that's all. That's why I've continued to study and will continue to study with Master Chunyi Lin. He's so open and willing to share his knowledge and in my experience that's kind of rare in the field.

Most of the other Qigong people I know kind of want to keep it to themselves, but not him. He's just the opposite. He wants to share what he knows and says everybody can do this and they can. I hope they will. I think everybody should do it.

Colleayn T. Klaibourne RedWing, MN

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