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Pronunciation: eth-ill-EHS-treh-nol Chemical Abstracts Service Registry Number: 965-90-2 Formal Names: Duraboral, Maxibolin, Orabolin, Orgabolin Type: Anabolic steroid. See page 24

Federal Schedule Listing: Schedule III (DEA control no. 4000) USA Availability: Prescription

Uses. Researchers have given the substance to children who needed improvement in appetite. In places where the drug is illegal for agricultural use, some stockmen occasionally use it illegally to promote cattle growth.

Ethylestrenol has been used to help normalize blood disorders, including low white blood cell levels caused by leukopenia and conditions involving unwanted blood clotting. Experiments indicate that heart attack patients may gain particular benefit from blood actions of the drug. It has also worked as an experimental treatment for hemophilia. The drug can reduce purpura (purple blotches caused by blood leaking just below the skin). Ethylestrenol has been used experimentally to treat frostbite, and case reports note success in using ethylestrenol to help treat a painful ulcerative skin disease called livedo vasculitis and another called atrophie blanche, but experiments with a similar affliction had mixed results. Persons suffering from rheumatoid arthritis and from Raynaud's disease, an ailment involving poor blood circulation in fingers and toes, have improved while taking ethylestrenol. The drug has also been used to treat Behcet's syndrome, another disease involving problems in blood circulation. Mice experiments using ethylestrenol show limited success in treating symptoms of the skin disease lupus erythematosus and also Sjogren's syndrome, an immune system disease that includes destruction of the salivary glands and sweat glands.

Drawbacks. Among anabolic steroids ethylestrenol is considered to have few masculinizing effects, and it also helps maintain normal functioning of female organs. Nonetheless, in women the drug can cause acne, increase facial hair, and produce hoarseness that can transform into permanent deepening of the voice. The substance can bring on premature sexual development in boys and girls. In sexually mature females ethylestrenol can disrupt or even halt menstrual periods. Men can become less fertile. The substance promotes fluid and salt retention, which can aggravate assorted medical conditions. The drug is not recommended for men suffering from breast or prostate cancer. The substance can worsen porphyria, a disease that can make people violent and sensitive to light. Ethylestrenol has been used to help short youths grow taller but if used incorrectly may instead terminate bone growth, preventing young users from attaining the full adult stature that they would otherwise have achieved. Effective usage to promote height requires careful medical supervision.

Abuse factors. Some bodybuilders use ethylestrenol in hopes of promoting muscle mass even though the substance is banned by international athletic organizations.

Drug interactions. Rats that receive ethylestrenol are better able to survive massive exposure to meprobamate or nicotine and high exposure to the insecticides paraoxon and parathion. Ethylestrenol also makes rats act less affected by LSD. Ethylestrenol can counteract anesthesia actions of barbiturates, diminish ulcers caused by the pain reliever indomethacin, and reduce consequences of vitamin D overdose.

Cancer. Not enough scientific information to report.

Pregnancy. Pregnant women and nursing mothers are supposed to avoid ethylestrenol. In rat experiments the drug masculinized female fetuses.

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