Colestipol hydrochloride

[koh-LESS-tih-poll] Colestid (Rx)

Classification: Hypocholesterolemic, bile acid sequestrant

Action/Kinetics: Colestipol, an anion exchange resin, binds bile acids in the intestine, forming an insoluble complex excreted in the feces. The loss of bile acids results in increased oxidation of cholesterol to bile acids and a decrease in LDL and serum cholesterol. Does not affect (or may increase) triglycerides or HDL and may increase VLDL. Not absorbed from the GI tract. Onset: 1-2 days; maximum effect: 1 month. Return to pretreatment cholesterol levels after discontinuance of therapy: 1 month. Uses: As adjunctive therapy in hy-perlipoproteinemia (types IIA and IIB) to reduce serum cholesterol in clients who do not respond adequately to diet. Non-FDA Approved Uses: Digitalis toxicity.

Contraindications: Complete obstruction or atresia of bile duct. Special Concerns: Use during pregnancy only if benefits outweigh risks. Use with caution during lactation and in children. Children may be more likely to develop hyper-chloremic acidosis although dosage has not been established. Clients over 60 years of age may be at greater risk of GI side effects and adverse nutritional effects.

Side Effects: Oral: Tongue irritation. GI: Constipation (may be severe and accompanied by fecal impac-tion), N&V, diarrhea, heartburn, GI bleeding, anorexia, flatulence, steator-rhea, abdominal distention/cramp-ing, bloating, loose stools, indigestion, rectal bleeding/pain, black stools, hemorrhoidal bleeding, bleeding duodenal ulcer, peptic ulceration, ulcer attack, GI irritation, dysphagia, dental bleeding/caries, hiccoughs, sour taste, pancreatitis, diverticulitis, cholecystitis, cholelithiasis. CV: Chest pain, angina, tachycardia (rare). CNS: Migraine or sinus headache, anxiety, vertigo, dizziness, lightheadedness, insomnia, fatigue, tinnitus, syncope, drowsiness, femoral nerve pain, paresthesia. Hemato-logic: Ecchymosis, anemia, bleeding tendencies due to hypoprothrombine-mia. Allergic: Urticaria, dermatitis, asthma, wheezing, rash. Musculos-keletal: Backache, muscle/joint pain, arthritis. Renal: Hematuria, burnt odor to urine, dysuria, diuresis. Miscellaneous: Uveitis, fatigue, weight loss or gain, increased libido, swollen glands, SOB, edema, weakness, swelling of hands/feet, osteoporosis, calcified material in biliary tree and gall bladder, hyperchloremic acidosis in children.

Drug Interactions: See Cholestyra-mine.

How Supplied: Granule for reconstitution: 5 g/7.5 g, 5 g/packet, 5 g/scoopful; Tablet: 1 g


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